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Invoicing without your own company with a light entrepreneur's invoicing service

Light entrepreneurship is a modern and flexible way to charge for the work you do. With the Truster Works billing service you invoice your customers easily.

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Who is light entrepreneurship suitable for?

Light entrepreneurship in 2023 is for everyone. Whether you want to test a product or service you've created, or do some extra work without setting up your own business. The billing service is also suitable for full-time entrepreneurs. You can try light entrepreneurship for free at Truster Light or take the low cost Truster €49/month if you work regularly as a light entrepreneur.

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Compare billing services

Truster includes all the services you need, as well as comprehensive liability and accident insurances.

Truster is always an affordable invoicing service suitable for both beginners and full-time light entrepreneurs. Always choose the light entrepreneurship that suits you best. For those who charge a lot the Truster 49 €/month is the cheapest option. You can even start your own light entrepreneur's online store through us. In addition, you can accept card payments through our service. We're the cheapest!

Create invoices anywhere

You can download the Truster Works light entrepreneur invoicing service to your phone easily or use it on your browser anywhere. You create invoices and invoice without a company. You are tracking the amount to be invoiced. You'll withdraw your salary or instant pay.

Start using the invoicing service today without worrying over starting a business. The invoicing service handles everything without any red tape related to invoicing. You can deduct your business expenses as eligible for the tax deduction. Truster light entrepreneurship is the cheapest, regardless of whether you charge a lot or a little.

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YEL - Self-employed pension insurance

If your YEL income in 2023 is less than EUR 8 575.45, you will pay no more than your withholding tax on the tax card in addition to the monthly contribution.

If your billable income exceeds the limit, you will need YEL insurance, which you can also get from us.

Read more about the self-employed's pension insurance→

Is it true that the service fee can be fixed at 49 €/month?

Yes! Truster 49 €/month includes everything you need to send an invoice and withdraw your salary. Often you pay at least 4-9% for this same service. There are no hidden expenses in the monthly fee and you can end it at any time.

Truster is the cheapest billing service. You don't need to start a business ID or a business. Start using the invoicing service today, for example, in addition to your studies.

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Light entrepreneur's calculators

How much did I have to charge to get a certain amount on my account or how much do I get paid for the invoicing amount after taxes? How was value added tax calculated? Is the Truster 49 €/month really the most affordable for me?

Check out the answers to these and other calculations from our calculators!

Try our light entrepreneur's calculators →

Do you think I could be a light entrepreneur?

You're interested in entrepreneurship, but you're not sure if the action would roll? Or you don't want to be a full-time entrepreneur right now? Light entrepreneurship may be the perfect solution for you. Light entrepreneurship is suitable for everyone; for those who have already been in employment, students and pensioners, whatever the situation in life. Light entrepreneurship is constantly gaining popularity in Finland. 

What does light entrepreneurship mean?

With the help of the Truster light entrepreneur invoicing service you can try entrepreneurship easily, without red tape and, above all, without risk. As a light entrepreneur, you invoice your work to your customer through the invoicing service. Without a business ID, you are not officially an entrepreneur, but you still operate on exactly the same principle. You decide on your own work and schedules, and you get your own customers. At Truster, we will take care of all paperwork and payroll taxes for you. This is what the light entrepreneurship term means.

What kind of situations does light entrepreneurship fit in?

You want to create a dream job for yourself

You know that you know what you're doing, but you just can't seem to find the right job? Don't get into the gloom. As a light entrepreneur, you can create the best possible job for yourself. You can decide what kind of services you offer, what jobs you want to do, and for what customers, on what days and at what time.

You're considering entrepreneurship.

Would entrepreneurship be for you? Try it first, don't decide until later. You can start working as a light entrepreneur without a business ID and an established company. Test a new business idea, demand for your services or products, gather customers and gradually create a foundation for entrepreneurship. If all goes well and the action takes off, you can easily turn light entrepreneurship into full-fledged entrepreneurship by setting up a business name or a limited liability company.

You do occasional gig work for different subscribers

Easily invoice different subscribers for occasional gigs and assignments. It doesn't matter if your customer is a company or a private individual. You only make an invoice through the billing service, and soon you will receive the money for the work you have done into your account. It's easy for your customers to buy your services when they don't have to think about how to manage payroll taxes.

You want to do side work in addition to full-time work

In addition to day work, interesting jobs would be available, but how can you take them smartly? Well, as a light entrepreneur! Do exactly as much side jobs as you want, invoice when you get a chance and earn some nice extra earnings. No pressure from bureaucracy, taxes or other obligations – we will take care of them.

You want to collect work experience and customer base already during your studies

Starting your own business may not seem topical during your studies, but you would still like to get to work. Light entrepreneurship is a good way to collect work experience and customers already during studies. It's also easier to start a business when you already have customers ready and you know how to run it best. However, if you receive financial aid, check that the annual income limit is not exceeded.

What kind of a guy does a light entrepreneur have to be?

Just the way you are! It's still good to remember a few things. Even if we take care of all the paperwork for you, keep a record of what work you have done and to whom. Also write down how much money has come and gone. If you dream of full-fledged entrepreneurship, these simple labels will provide a good foundation for entrepreneurship.

Read more about light entrepreneurship in our guide →