Invoice without your own company with a light entrepreneur invoicing service

Light entrepreneurship is a modern and flexible way to charge for the work you do. Truster Works billing service easily bills your work.

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Who is light entrepreneurship suitable for?

Light entrepreneurship in 2021 is suitable for everyone. You then want to test the product, service, or extra time you create. Light entrepreneurship is also suitable for full-time entrepreneurship. You can try light entrepreneurship Truster Light service, or take an affordable Truster 49 €/month service if you work regularly as a light entrepreneur.

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Succeed as a light entrepreneur

Truster includes all the services you need as a light entrepreneur, as well as comprehensive liability and accident insurance.

Truster is always an affordable light entrepreneurship invoicing service suitable for both starting light entrepreneurs and full-time light entrepreneurs. Always choose the most suitable lightweight entrepreneur plan for you. For light entrepreneurs who charge a lot Truster 49 €/month is the cheapest option to work as a light entrepreneur. You can even set up your own light entrepreneur's online store.

Create invoices anywhere

Truster Works light entrepreneur invoicing service allows you to download to your phone easily or use your browser anywhere. You record and invoice your work easily. You follow the bills in real time. You're going to raise your salary or you're going to raise your salary right now. Start using the billing service today. Truster is the cheapest invoicing service for a light entrepreneur, regardless of whether you invoice a lot or a little.

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