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Light entrepreneur's guide and terminology

Whether you are starting your career as a light entrepreneur or you're an experienced veteran. Check out our guide!

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Our light entrepreneurship article

We collected most of the concerns from our invoicing service experience in the light entrepreneur's guide. You can also discuss this further with us.

How OP light entrepreneur service differs from Truster light entrepreneurship?

OP Light Entrepreneurship i.e. business name entrepreneurship comparison to Truster billing service.

Who is light entrepreneurship suitable for?

As a light entrepreneur, you can safely try out whether entrepreneurship would be for you or to gather customers already during your studies. Or you can just do lightly gig work and enjoy the carefreeness of light entrepreneurship.

Is light entrepreneurship worthwhile?

For whom is light entrepreneurship a smart choice, when is it good to consider entrepreneurship? Light entrepreneurship is profitable from many different perspectives, but sometimes it can make sense to choose differently.

Is Light Entrepreneur an entrepreneur?

Do you feel like an entrepreneur? That's when you got the answer to your question. Officially, however, a light entrepreneur is neither an entrepreneur nor a traditional employee. Then what is he?

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Does a light entrepreneur need YEL insurance?

YEL insurance, i.e. the determinant of light entrepreneur's pension and social security. Read more about YEL insurance in our article and do you need it?

What is the difference between gross wages and net wages?

Gross salary and net salary, how did they go? Before the salary drops into your account, taxes and other contributions are deducted from your salary. How and why?

Can an unemployed person be a Light Entrepreneur?

If I'm an unemployed job seeker, can I work as a light entrepreneur? Do I still get unemployment benefit? Smart questions!

Tax deductions for light entrepreneurs

Is Light Entrepreneur a trader?

Should we set up a business name? If you hesitate, first try Truster's light entrepreneurship, skip the paperwork and focus on the essentials.

Who can become a Light Entrepreneur?

Almost anyone, regardless of age and stage of life, can become a light entrepreneur. Light entrepreneurship can offer surprising opportunities. We go through a few typical life situations for which light entrepreneurship is just the right solution.

Can a light entrepreneur receive unemployment benefits?

As a job seeker, I'm sure you're wondering what a good next move would be. Do you have a suitable job? Light entrepreneurship might be of interest, but the impact of income on unemployment benefits is a concern. See what you should do.

What does light entrepreneurship mean?

Light entrepreneurship is a form of self-employment that is suitable for invoicing a wide range of jobs. A light entrepreneur works in the same way as an entrepreneur, but employs himself without a business ID, his own company and time-consuming bureaucracy.

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Is the employment condition fulfilled in light entrepreneurship?

Will the employment condition be fulfilled if I work as a light entrepreneur on a part-time basis? What if I'm a full-time light entrepreneur?

The terminology of the light entrepreneur👇

Sometimes the terminology gets confusing and it's hard to figure out.

As a light entrepreneur invoicing service, we have compiled the most common terms here.



The user of the invoicing service. A person invoices their work without their own business ID through an invoicing service. Also misspelled is light entrepreneur.

A company that offers light entrepreneurs the opportunity to invoice using the business ID of the service and pay the employee a salary.

Instant pay

A salary that is paid before the invoice is paid.

Express payment

A bank transfer can be made as a quick payment that ensures that the wages arrive to the account on the same day.

Assignment agreement

The assignment agreement is made between the employee and the customer. It is advisable to make the agreement in writing, for example by e-mail. It is a good idea to agree with the customer at least on the price, the content of the work and the schedule.

Registration certificate

The registration certificate proves that the light entrepreneur works through the invoicing service in question. In general, a certificate that is less than six months old is sufficient if the light entrepreneur's invoicing service is to prove that the insurances are valid.

Value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax, abbreviated as VAT, is a tax imposed and charged by the State which is imposed on the service or product to be invoiced. VAT is added to the invoiced amount and is usually 24%. The invoicing service will pay this tax to the state for you.

The pension of a light entrepreneur and an entrepreneur is paid as a pension insurance for the self-employed, abbreviated as YEL. YEL is mandatory if your invoicing accrual exceeds certain limits.

Business name entrepreneur

Business name entrepreneur or business name is a lighter form of enterprise from an actual company. The business name entrepreneur has their own business ID and, unlike an actual company, the person is personally responsible for all activities under the business name.

Tax card

A tax card is needed to pay your salary. It shows your tax rate, which is deducted from your gross salary.

Tax deductions

Travel allowances, per diem allowances and meal allowances can be paid as tax-free expenses when paying the wages of the invoicing service. As work contract costs, you can deduct the service fee and any YEL fee in your own taxation.

Travel allowance

Travel allowance can be paid tax-free when paying wages, if it is also on the invoice. Otherwise, the deduction can be made in your own taxation.

Per diem

The per diem allowance can be paid tax-free when the wages are paid, if it is also on the invoice. Otherwise, the deduction can be made in your own taxation.

Meal allowance

The meal allowance can be paid tax-free in connection with the payment of wages, if it is also on the invoice. Otherwise, the deduction can be made for your own taxation.

Health insurance contribution

The invoicing service will pay a contribution from your salary in accordance with the Health Insurance Act. The health insurance contribution will be deducted from your gross salary.

Light entrepreneur's insurances

As a light entrepreneur, you usually need the same insurance policies as an entrepreneur. These include, for example, liability insurance, accident insurance, self-employed person's pension insurance.

liability insurance

As a light entrepreneur, you usually need the same insurance policies as an entrepreneur. These include, for example, liability insurance, accident insurance, self-employed person's pension insurance.

Accident insurance

In the event of an accident, medical visits and other treatment-related expenses are reimbursed from the accident insurance.

Trump card

Trump card ID card, which is usually required at the site. You can order a trump card through customer service.

Reverse charge

Reverse charge VAT means that the buyer is responsible for paying the tax. This is common in construction. In this case, the work, which is, for example, VAT 24% is charged to the buyer without tax and the buyer is responsible for paying the tax.

The Luotettava kumppani report is the fastest way to ensure that the company has met the requirements of the Act on Contractor Liability. On construction sites, the fulfilment of the Act on Contractor Liability is often checked before work begins.

The tax debt certificate proves that the company has paid its taxes properly and has fulfilled its social responsibilities.

Light entrepreneur's calculators

How much did I have to charge to get a certain amount on my account or how much do I get paid for the invoicing amount after taxes? How was value added tax calculated? Is the Truster 49 €/month really the most affordable for me?

Check out the answers to these and other calculations from our calculators!

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