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How to order a Valttikortti card

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Do you need a Valtti card for the site? It'll be easy for you to get through truster. In this article you will find instructions on how to order a Valtti card.
* Through Truster, you can only order a Valtti card for work invoiced through the Truster.

The price of the trump card is 50 € and it is deducted when the wages are paid. The trump card will arrive for you within about two weeks. Within 1-2 business days you will receive a temporary Valtti card in PDF format.

Instructions for ordering:

1. Please inform us in the channel of your choice that you wish to order a Valttikortti and that you agree to the terms and conditions

2. Check that you have added a tax card to the Truster's pin

3. Send us a passport-like picture (You can send us a picture in a crisp, email, message, chat...)

4. Indicate the address at which you want the Valttikortti card to arrive.

Great! Your trump card is on its way now.

Download Truster's pin here 👉

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