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Send invoices and raise your salary

Truster allows you to conveniently invoice for the work you do. Focus on what you can and want to do.

Here's how to start 👉

Invoice your work with an easy-to-use app

You can start right away and you can create invoices right after you register. What are you waiting for?

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Get a customer, agree on compensation and do the work you enjoy

Agree a price for your work with the client, you can decide the price level yourself

Invoice your work with an easy-to-use app

Easily create an invoice on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Enjoy the results of your work and raise your salary when it suits you

Once the bill is paid, you can increase your salary. If you wish, you can choose the salary immediately.

Invoice 24/7, on the go, how and when it suits you

Create invoices for your customers in our app 24/7. The invoice goes to the customer immediately.

Work lists and working time postings

Easily maintain work lists and working time postings. Automatically create invoices from work lists.

Travel expenses and other expenses

You are entitled to mileage and daily allowance. Our service provides comprehensive instructions on how to make travel expenses.

Tax deductions

Make tax deductions for income tax on the service charge and accident service charge.

Instant pay – money immediately into your account

With the popular Instant Pay, you can get paid into your account even on the billing day. When making an invoice, you only select the Instant Pay option and pay the wages immediately into your account.

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Truster there's a lot more

In addition to the traditional invoicing service, you can do most of the work that requires permits and qualifications through us.

trump card

In the construction industry, you often need an Valtti card to get to the construction site. Send a message to our customer service and we'll order you Truster's Trump Card.


Through us, you will receive most qualification courses, such as firework, occupational safety, first aid and other professional qualification courses, as expense reimbursement.

Health care work

We have a private health care permit granted by Avi and supervised by Valvira to work as a doctor, insurance doctor and nurse. Patient insurance and VAT freedom have also been taken care of for you.