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Light entrepreneurship is a step to an easier life

With Truster, you can conveniently invoice without a company for the work you do. Focus on what you can and want to do. For a light entrepreneur, there's no need for a y symbol and you don't have to worry about company bureaucracy.

Light Entrepreneurship Infographic

Here's how to start 👉

Invoice your work without a business with the Truster Works billing service

You can get started right away and start creating invoices as soon as you register. As a light entrepreneur, you invoice with the y billing service ID, and you don't need your own company or y ID. What are you waiting for?

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1. Get a customer, agree on compensation and do the work you enjoy

Agree on a price for your work with the client, you can decide the price level yourself. It's the freedom of a light entrepreneur! Download the billing service to your phone.

2. Invoice your customers

Easily create an invoice on your phone, computer or tablet in our billing service or charge the customer with a payment terminal.

3. Enjoy the results of your work and withdraw your salary when it suits you

Once the bill has been paid, you can withdraw your salary. If you wish, you will receive a salary immediately with a Hetipalkka request.

Light entrepreneurship invoicing service comparison

It pays to compare! Choose the best invoicing service just for you. Light entrepreneur and invoicing services have increased rapidly as light entrepreneurship has grown rapidly. Today, a light entrepreneur can really afford to choose – a comparison in most cases really pays off. By comparing invoicing services, you can find the invoicing service that suits you best, and you can save a considerable amount in the costs of using the service.

Invoicing service's price

Almost all invoicing services charge a percentage of the invoicing amount invoiced by the light entrepreneur for the use of the service. The average service charge rate for different services varies between 9% and 5%. Very few offer fixed-price invoicing. The advantage of a fixed-price service charge is that the amount of service charges in euros does not increase as the invoicing volume increases. Below are pricing options for well-known invoicing services.

Service charge

Invoicing amount

Light entrepreneur's expenses


3000 €

8 %

240 €

3000 €

49 €

49 €


3000 €

6,5 %

195 €

The comparison shows an example calculation of the service charge for a light entrepreneur charging €3000/month for four different services. At the most expensive rate of €3000 VAT 0%, the light entrepreneur pays €240 for one invoice and at the cheapest rate only €49. The difference can therefore be as much as €191 per invoice at this rate, and even more if the invoice amount increases!

Content of the service

The services often work on the same principle. A light entrepreneur invoices for the work he or she has done without having his or her own business ID. The billing service sends the invoice and takes care of the payment. Depending on the service provider, many services also include many other features to make life easier and more secure. These include insurance for your business, pension insurance (YEL insurance), legal obligations such as paying taxes and YEL contributions, bookkeeping and much more. However, a wide range of services may involve unforeseen additional charges, which you should be aware of. Fortunately, most service providers offer customer service and advice through a variety of channels, and the best way to ensure the content of the service and how it works is to contact the service's customer service directly.

Send an invoice without a company 24/7, on the go, how and when it suits you and withdraw your salary easily

This is all the light entrepreneurship term means.

Work lists and working time postings

Easily maintain work lists and working time postings. Easily create invoices to your customers from work lists.

Travel allowances for light entrepreneurs

You may be entitled to a number of tax-free travel allowances, such as mileage and daily allowances. When you issue an invoice, you can invoice your client for tax-free travel expenses or agree with your client on a global invoice that includes reimbursement of travel expenses incurred for work.

Light entrepreneur's expense allowances

Work-related expenses may be deducted tax-free as part of invoicing. You act like an entrepreneur without starting a business.

Tax deductions for light entrepreneurs

Report deductions in your personal tax return for the YEL insurance contribution, service tax and accident service tax. You can deduct expenses directly related to work even before you receive your salary. You can find all expenses and deductions in your pay slip on our invoicing service.

Who can become a Light Entrepreneur?

Many people become part-time light entrepreneurs in addition to full-time work or studying. Maybe someone only wants to work from time to time on a gig basis. As a light entrepreneur, you can also safely test your business idea, the carrying capacity of your wings in your field or simply how the entrepreneur's life feels.

It is easiest for a light entrepreneur to sell their own expertise, digitally or physically. For example, for graphic designers, creators, photographers, construction, cleaning and transportation industry professionals the Truster light entrepreneur's invoicing service is a great solution. You can also set up your own online store where you can sell your services and, for example, handmade products.

What kind of person is suitable as a light entrepreneur?

Compared to the entrepreneur, the everyday life of a light entrepreneur is carefree, but remember the basics. You take care of your own customer acquisition and work gigs, from start to finish. Even if we at Truster take care of all the red tape, record for yourself what jobs you've done, for who and when, how much money you've spent on procurement, and how much money you've made. These routines will help you think like an entrepreneur if you plan to start your own business later.
Almost anyone, regardless of age, stage of life and background, can become a light entrepreneur. If you have common sense and attitude in place, you can learn everything else. Even the job or profession you dream of.

Light entrepreneurship is suitable for many jobs

You're looking for a job, but haven't found a suitable place?

Light entrepreneurship offers opportunities that the job seeker did not have before. You can create a job for yourself in an instant where you can do the work you like and decide on your own schedules. It might be the best job you've ever had. Customer acquisition and an entrepreneurial lifestyle require a little effort and self-discipline, but it's worth it. You will get work experience, conveniently make money and maybe have the courage to start your own business.

Occasional gig work easily cashed in

With Truster you'll get to handily invoice gigs that you only do occasionally for different subscribers. You don't have to share your tax card and hope that the subscriber knows how to handle all employer contributions. The invoicing service makes life easier for your subscriber, too, because they can only pay the invoice for the work you do.

The subscriber may be a private individual or a company, it is irrelevant. You only make an invoice through the invoicing service. We're done! Being a light entrepreneur does not require any other paperwork from you. We invoice your subscriber and pay your salary into your account.

A side job as a light entrepreneur?

You may have thought that it would be nice to do a side job in addition to a full-time job sometimes, but getting a side job relationship seems hard. How did the tax business go again? As a light entrepreneur, you can agree on side work right away. We take care of paperwork, taxes and obligations.

Keep in mind, however, that your tax rate depends on how much you earn per year for all your work combined. The tax rate for a small side earning may be higher than you thought. It is a good idea to keep the tax authorities up to date with the earnings for the whole year so that you do not have to pay back taxes later. Also take into account your tax rate when pricing your side job.

Already tied to working life in addition to studies

During studies, you should already collect work experience, but it can seem like a difficult equation. It can be difficult to find a part-time job or a summer job, and time should be found evenly for both work and study. For this situation, light entrepreneurship is the perfect solution. You can approach companies that interest you, learn activity, decide your own working hours and gain work experience. Maybe as soon as you graduate, you'll become an entrepreneur?

Light entrepreneurship or business name?

You're interested in entrepreneurship, but a little nervous, too? You can first try entrepreneurship as a light entrepreneur, how your business idea is performing and how the entrepreneur's lifestyle feels. You're not committing to anything yet, and you can change your mind at any time. As more and more customers accumulate and the future of the business looks bright, you can easily establish a business name or even a limited liability company. By then, you already know how it works.

Read more about light entrepreneurship in our guide →

Instant pay – money immediately into your account

With the help of the popular light entrepreneur Instant Pay, you can get paid into your account even on the billing day. When making an invoice, you simply choose how the wages are paid and we pay the wages immediately to your account. We charge an additional fee for the service according to the price list. The salary is usually paid from the same bank as your account, so you will receive your salary immediately in your account.

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Trusteris a lot more

In addition to the traditional invoicing service, you can do most of the work that requires permits and qualifications through us.

Trump card

In the construction industry, you often need a Valtti card to get to the construction site. Send a message to our customer service and we'll order you Truster's Valtti card.


Through us, you will receive most qualification courses, such as firework, occupational safety card, first aid and other professional qualification courses, as expense reimbursement.

Healthcare work

We have a private health care permit granted by Avi and supervised by Valvira to work as a doctor, an insurance doctor and a nurse. Patient insurance and VAT freedom have also been taken care of for you.

You don't need a business ID

You can start invoicing right away. You always act under Truster's business ID insured and taxes paid.