Hey, light entrepreneur!

Light entrepreneur in the construction industry

Whether you're a timpur, a tiler, an electrician, a plumber or a construction assistant, it's easy to light-hearted.

We provide you with support for light entrepreneurship in the construction industry. Truster is part of The Responsibility Group's Reliable Partner programme. Through us, you can easily get the Tilaajavastuuraport and Valttikortin to the site.

You will be able to deduct the Valtti card and most vocational qualification trainings, such as an occupational safety card or waterproofing certificate, as expense compensation. If necessary, we automatically invoice the customer with reverse charge VAT.

Invoicing can be done with Truster's application, even from the site. Start invoicing today. Register in our system now for no expense and in the event of an accident, safety is guaranteed.

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