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Best invoicing service

Customer orientation, innovation and courage. These three cornerstones guide our operations and form the core of our operations.

Truster's goal is to lead the way in invoicing services, whose open attitude to new things will take us forward and serve our diverse customers in the best possible way. In short, we want to be the best invoicing service in our industry.

Our company's office is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, where a team of application developers works in addition to financial management experts. Jasu Salonen acts as ceo.

Truster's services can be used throughout Finland. The invoicing service is multilingual and we add new languages to it according to the needs of our user base.

In 2021, we took a bold step forward in invoicing service pricing and released a fixed monthly price for light entrepreneurship. However, due to our customer-oriented operations, we do not tie users to a fixed-term contract, but the service can be terminated at any time.

We also created for light entrepreneurs their own online store truster.shop, as we believe that the coming years will also move sales of light entrepreneurs' services and products more online.

Is it true that the service fee can be fixed at 49 €/month?

Yes! Truster 49 €/month includes everything you need to send an invoice and withdraw your salary. Often you pay at least 4-9% for this same service. There are no hidden expenses in the monthly fee and you can end it at any time.

49 € / month
Easy choice suitable for all light entrepreneurs
You'll get more out of your salary. No service charge based on billing amount!
Always affordable light entrepreneurship
No other expenses
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