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Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the service

Last Updated: September 27, 2022

  1. General

This document contains: Truster The terms and conditions of use of the invoicing service for light entrepreneurs of Oy and its subsidiaries (hereinafter "Service Provider") (hereinafter "Invoicing Service") and other service providers of the Service Provider (all these services together hereinafter referred to as the "Service") (hereinafter "Terms of Use"). These Terms of Use define the content of the contractual relationship between the Service Provider and the Service User (hereinafter "Service User") as well as the rights and obligations between the parties.

  1. Establishment of a contractual relationship, changes and terms of use of separate services

An agreement is formed between the parties when the Service User registers as a user of the Service and accepts these Terms of Use. When registering, the Service User accepts these Terms of Use and undertakes to comply with them whenever using the Service.

The Service Provider has the right to block, restrict and change the Service provided to the Service User without notice. 

The Service Provider reserves the right to change the features of the Service or the Terms of Use to comply with the practices or official regulations in force at the time. Changes to the Terms will enter into force when the Service User has been notified of them. The user of the service accepts the changed terms of use by continuing to use the service. 

The Service may include separate services with their own more specific terms of use. The Terms of Use of the Separate Service are primarily valid and this Terms of Use extends the Terms of Use of the Separate Service so that the Terms of Use of the Separate Service take precedence in the event of a conflict. When using a separate service, the service user accepts the terms of use of the separate service.

  1. Contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the Service Provider and the Service User includes invoicing the Service User's work, the payment of wages and other separately defined services. The Service User does not work under the Service Provider. The contractual relationship between the Service Provider and the Service User is not an employment relationship in accordance with section 1 of the Employment Contracts Act (2001:55) or the earnings-related pension legislation, and no employment contract relationship is created between the parties. The service user is responsible for ensuring that the applicable occupational safety regulations, working time regulations and other applicable laws and regulations are complied with at work.

The service user agrees on an assignment agreement with their client. The Service Provider is not a party to the assignment agreement and does not commit to any responsibilities or commitment to the performance of work or errors. It is the responsibility of the service user to ensure that the work performed complies with the laws and regulations in force at the time. The total compensation for the work is always agreed upon and it must be at an acceptable general level that would otherwise be paid for the work. The service user must ensure the legality and correctness of their work before sending the invoice.

  1. Using the service

The service provider provides the user of the service (natural person) with a platform where it is possible to invoice for the work done and withdraw the salary from the invoice paid and / or approved.

Services include e.g.

  • Application to use the service
  • Features and services for light entrepreneurs in the application at any given time
  • Support and instructions for using the service
  • Create and send invoices
  • Monitoring and collection of payments
  • Payment of wages by invoice
  • Salary reports and current fees and taxes in Finland.
  • Travel and expense reimbursements in accordance with the Tax Administration's current guidelines and practices
  • Immediately after the invoice has been paid
  • Garnishments in accordance with the regulations of the Enforcement Agency
  • Provision of YEL insurance and withholding and payment of YEL contributions in connection with the payment of wages

  1. Transaction fees

The service fee may consist of a fixed monthly subscription price and/or a fee charged for the VAT-free payment of the invoice in accordance with the Service Provider's price list.

All fees are specified in the service price list. By subscribing to a monthly fee or sending an invoice, the Service User accepts payment in accordance with the price list. 

  1. Insurance

The Service Provider has insured the Service User with accident and liability insurance, unless otherwise agreed. Insurance policies are valid in accordance with your own terms and conditions. The user of the Service is responsible for the excess.

  1. Separate additional services

In connection with its service, the service provider may offer separate additional services, such as YEL insurance, payment card, instant payment, instant pay and other insurances. The service user can choose their own additional services and have the option to accept or not accept additional services.

  1. Bills and bad debts

The Service Provider sends the invoices made by the Service User. In connection with the sending of the invoice, the Service Provider has the right to reject the invoice or modify the information and amounts of the invoice to correspond, for example, to the VAT paid on the work.

The service provider is not responsible for the credit losses of the invoice, but offers services related to the collection of the invoice in uncontested available. 

  1. Service availability

The Service Provider provides the Service for use and maintains the Service as carefully as possible. The service user is not entitled to direct or indirect costs that may be incurred as a result of the interruption or termination of the service.

The Service User is obligated to immediately point out to the Service Provider any errors or interruptions in the operation of the Service.


  1. Intellectual property

At no time does the Service User have the right to use the Service Provider's name, logo or colours in their own work or marketing, unless otherwise agreed. The Service User may state that they use the Service Provider to invoice their work.

The Service Provider does not have the right to the Service User's intellectual property rights, and the Service Provider cannot use them for anything other than the implementation of the Service.

The Service Provider has the right to use the Service User's name and products in marketing, unless this is specifically prohibited in writing. 

  1. Confidentiality, personal data, accuracy of information and use of information

The Service Provider undertakes to use confidential information only for the purpose of providing the service and fulfilling official regulations. The obligation remains in force even at the end of the contract.

The Service Provider has the right to process the personal data received in accordance with current legislation and its privacy policy. The Service Provider has the right to check the accuracy of their data and to edit and delete incorrect data. The data may be used for profiling and providing additional services. 

Personal data forms its own register and the Service Provider acts as the administrator of the register.

  1. Damages and right of set-off

If the Service User causes costs to the Service Provider, the Service Provider has the right to charge or offset the direct costs incurred in full from the Service User.  

The Service Provider shall not be liable for system errors or missing data. The service provider's possible liability for damages is formed in accordance with the legislation, and indirect costs are not reimbursed.

  1. Dispute resolution and applicable law

Any disputes concerning this agreement or the Service that cannot be settled through negotiations shall be settled in the District Court of Helsinki. This Agreement and the Service shall be governed by the laws of Finland.

  1. Language of terms and conditions

The applicable language of the Terms is Finnish. Translations of the terms and conditions are provided for customer service reasons.

Calculate the wages of a light entrepreneur with a wage calculator

We will pay your salary after your customer's payment has arrived or on the payday of your choice. You can also select Instant Pay, in which case you will receive the salary to your account on the same day without waiting for the due date of the invoice. The salary can also be left to be withdrawn later. In theTruster 49 €/month plan, you do not pay a separate service fee for the billing amount. Our light entrepreneur's payroll calculator will tell you your salary according to theTruster Light service.

Amount to invoice

2 750 €

Tax rate

32 %

Salary faster into an account

Amount to be paid into your account

1 987,50 €

The service charge to be deducted from the invoicing amount depends on the plan. In the Truster Light package it is 3.99%. The amount is affected by the accident insurance contribution and travel allowances. The instant pay supplement is +5%. In the Truster and Truster Pro packages there is no service fee or separate accident insurance premium. Payroll calculator counts according to the Truster Light package. Check out our other calculators as well.

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