Hey, light entrepreneur!

Employs a light entrepreneur with Truster

Employing a light entrepreneur is effortless. Agree on a job with a light entrepreneur and ask him to bill his work through Truster. After the invoice and payment, the light entrepreneur receives his or her salary.

Enter into an enterprise agreement with us that will benefit you and your light entrepreneurs. We have ready-made integrations with most working time systems.

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How much can I get paid?

We will pay your salary after your customer's payment has arrived or on the payday of your choice. You can also choose Instant Pay to receive a salary in your account on the same day.

Amount to invoice

2 750 €

Tax rate

32 %

Wages when creating an invoice

Amount to be paid into your account


The service charge to be deducted from the billing amount depends on the plan. Truster Light package it is 3.99%. The amount is affected by the accident insurance contribution and travel allowances. The instant pay supplement is +5%. Truster and Truster There is no service fee or separate accident insurance premium in the pro packages. Counter counts Truster Light according to the package.

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