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Truster PRO - Business name best accounting buddy

What does the service include?
A one-time accounting that meets the requirements of the law and, based on it, a tax return. The tax return is filed annually by the due date confirmed by the Tax Administration.

How often is accounting done?
Based on the material provided by the customer, accounting is carried out continuously, but VAT returns are made every three months.

Who is the service suitable for?
The service is suitable for companies with a turnover of less than 100,000 euros per year.

How do I subscribe to the service?
Truster in apps with WEB and Android (not IOS) space Truster PRO 89,00 € VAT. 0 %. VAT is added to the price. 24%, which is deductible.

When will the service be activated?
The service is activated immediately. We ask separately for accounting purposes. If your financial year ends on 31.12.2022, our service will be activated on 1.1.2022 and we will refund the 89,00 € VAT charged. 0% of the amount until 1.1.2022. In this case, the previous accountant must prepare the financial statements for 2022.

A whole year of bookkeeping to do?
Accounting and tax return for 2022 can be made at a price of € 599.00 + VAT. 24 %

Is it true that the service fee can be fixed at 89 €/month?

Yes! Truster 89 €/month VAT. 0% includes everything you need for business name accounting. Often you pay hundreds of euros for this same service. There is no hidden alley in the monthly payment and you can decide it at any time.

Truster PRO
89 € / month VAT 0 %
Business name entrepreneurship
EUR 30 000 VAT reduction
Includes your own business ID
You operate as a private trader
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0% service fee • No obligation to commit