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Summer job 2023 for students

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Summer job lost, tips for students on how to find work.

As the world has been turbulent, companies have shifted their recruitments to an obscure future, and this is also reflected in the supply of summer jobs. Some of the summer jobs agreed at the beginning of the year may also have had to be cancelled, and companies have had to adjust their operations in the face of uncertainty about economic development.

However, the summer work plans of students and young people should not fall into this, and fortunately there are other options for doing summer jobs, such as: light entrepreneurship.

As their studies progress, students have often accumulated a lot of expertise in their own field, and the idea of their own future has begun to brighten. Some students have planned to start their own business and employ themselves as entrepreneurs in the future. As a light entrepreneur, it is easy, simple and cost-effective to try being an entrepreneur without setting up your own business name or limited liability company and taking care of all the legal obligations related to the business.

In practice, light entrepreneurship means that you employ yourself and invoice for the work you do through an invoicing service company. Through an invoicing services company, you send invoices for work done to your customers, the service provider takes care of the legal obligations on your behalf (taxes, yel insurance, etc.) and pays you wages once your customers have paid the invoices sent. In addition, the service provider takes care of the accounting of the operations. It is up to you to market your own expertise and service and agree on the price with your customer.

Many people think that starting your own business is always the most profitable and best option when you are planning to be entrepreneurship and selling your own skills and services. In some situations, however, it is definitely more profitable for a new and inexperienced entrepreneur to start an activity as a light entrepreneur than to start their own business for a business.

Antti Kiiske's story from a few years ago is a good example of the situation.

"In the summer of 2019, my friend and I had the idea to start doing yard work under our own company. We had no experience in entrepreneurship at all, so we got to know light entrepreneur services in the first place. We went to seminars with the big operators offering light entrepreneur service, and we were excited about the service until we got to know their pricing in more detail. A large percentage of one's own work in service charges did not motivate.

We decided to set up our own business names, our own for both of us, but suddenly we were overwhelmed by the surprising cost of all the world. On those nights, when you had to start accounting when you came home after a ten-hour yard work session, I thought it would have made more sense to use an invoicing service company to take care of things after all.

If we had had a service like Truster from the beginning, which we would use to know exactly how much expenses are spent on financial work per month, we would have been spared many stressed nights and the accounting fee coming out of the bushes."

There are several invoicing service companies on the market and comparing them is challenging. Service charges are typically tied to the amount to be billed, some accident insurance is included in the pricing, some are not and some services work on mobile, some only on computers and some in both ways.

"Many new light entrepreneurs choose our fixed pricing package, where the service fee is fixed at EUR 49 per month. In this option, the costs will not surprise you as invoicing increases and this option will be more profitable as soon as monthly invoicing rises above 750 euros. The fixed service fee includes accident insurance, our own online store for selling services and know-how, and our customer service, which is almost always available.

We are happy to advise our customers on all matters related to the service, choosing service packages and setting up an online store. By the way, switching between different plans is free of charge for us, so when the operations change, you can choose a more affordable option for yourself," says Truster Jasu Salonen, CEO of Oy.

Truster's light entrepreneurs currently include actors in a wide range of fields, such as musicians, photographers, consultants, graphic artists, translators, builders, home cleaners, guards, etc. and the age range of service users is from students to pensioners. Almost only imagination is the limit that all kinds of work can be done today as a light entrepreneur. Many companies and individuals agree to work with a light entrepreneur rather than hire a person for an employment relationship to do the job.

Light entrepreneurship and employing yourself for summer jobs is certainly also a good thing when thinking about the student's future career path. In the eyes of the future employer, a summer job as a light entrepreneur during the student's studies, certainly looks very good and impressive compared to the fact that there has been no work at that time because he has not managed to take a summer job for himself. The fact that you have employed yourself as a light entrepreneur speaks to the attitude and gives a very clear picture of your motivation for working.

At Truster, we are happy to help young people, students and everyone in general with employment and light entrepreneurship issues. You can safely call us to ask more about light entrepreneurship. I wish you every success in finding summer jobs and doing the job myself this summer.

Juho Kuutio, Business Director, Truster

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