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Truster - Light entrepreneur's best invoicing service

The popularity of billing services has exploded in recent years, and no wonder - billing services offer an easy and risk-free way to monetise your skills. Some billing services offer a service with y and some without y. With Truster, you can choose either one! As a light entrepreneur, you don't need the y symbol, and as a business owner, you can get your own y symbol conveniently with Truster.

It's easy to use the invoicing service. Agree on the work with the light entrepreneur, the light entrepreneur will carry out the work and invoice the work through Truster. You will receive an invoice and after payment, the light entrepreneur will be paid. The invoicing service takes care of all the red tape. There is no need to set up a business. You can use Truster whether you are a company or a private individual. Make a business contract with us that benefits you and your contractor. We have ready-made integrations with most working time systems. Do you want multiple invoices for several authors in one consolidated invoice and the ability to check the invoice details in advance? Light entrepreneurship is also a good option for side hustling alongside your main job, so you don't have to worry about setting up a company or other business-related bureaucracy. Do you provide a service to your customers through light entrepreneurs? We can send your business invoices and collections too.

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How does the billing service work?

Using the invoicing service is easy. The service handles the sending of invoices for your work on your behalf and pays you a salary and expenses from it without starting a business name or a business. The user of the invoicing service is called a light entrepreneur. Some invoicing services also enable a variety of other services, such asyour own online store, invoicing a group together, leasing a car, renting a workspace, receiving card payments and accelerated salary payment. We dare say that: Truster is the best and most versatile in Finland.

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Company's invoicing service

We can send an invoice on behalf of your company and speed up your payroll.

Sending invoices through us also shortens the supply chain if, for example, the customer is unconditional about the length of the supply chain. We are also able to finance paying wages before the due date of the invoice with the help of the invoice sent. We will pay you the remaining amount after wages.

Is it true that the service fee can be fixed at 49 €/month?

Yes! Truster 49 €/month includes everything you need to send an invoice and withdraw your salary. Often you pay at least 4-9% for this same service. There are no hidden expenses in the monthly fee and you can end it at any time.

49 € / month
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You'll get more out of your salary. No service charge based on billing amount!
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