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Light entrepreneur of the cleaning industry

Cleaner, home cleaner, institutional cleaner, corporate cleaner or other cleaning industry professional, with the help of Truster light entrepreneur invoicing service invoicing your work can be done!

The light entrepreneurship of the cleaning industry suits the nature of the work well. Customer invoicing succeeds with the Truster invoicing service, regardless of time and place, without worry over the bureaucracy associated with entrepreneurship. This way, time won't be spent on the administrative work, but you are able to focus on the work itself. You can decide on your own working hours and price your skills.

The service is easy and fast to use. You can choose your own working hours flexibly and price your own skills. Our service also allows you to use a payment terminal, such as iZettle, to charge your customers. As a light entrepreneur, you don't have to worry about running a business. Even in addition to studies, the work is successful. You can try entrepreneurship today!

You can easily deduct the materials and supplies you use for cleaning as expenses and take advantage of travel expenses for the travel expenses caused. Sign up for our invoicing service for free to start invoicing. A private individual can make a household deduction for the proportion of work to be invoiced. Look at your salary in the price list and our payroll calculator.Our customer service will be happy to help you with any questions related to the generation of cleaning services.

You can also sell your service in our light entrepreneur's online store.

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Here's how to start 👉

Invoice your work with easy to use Truster Works billing service

You can start right away and you can create invoices right after you register. What are you waiting for?

See the service packages on the front page →

1. Get a customer, agree on compensation and do the work you enjoy

Agree on a price for your work with the client, you can decide the price level yourself. It's the freedom of a light entrepreneur! Download the billing service to your phone.

2. Easily invoice your own work 24/7

Easily create an invoice on your phone, computer or tablet in our billing service or charge the customer with a payment terminal.

3. Enjoy the results of your work and withdraw your salary when it suits you

Once the bill has been paid, you can withdraw your salary. If you wish, you will receive a salary immediately with a Hetipalkka request.

Calculate the wages of a light entrepreneur with a wage calculator

We will pay your salary after your customer's payment has arrived or on the payday of your choice. You can also select Instant Pay, in which case you will receive the salary to your account on the same day without waiting for the due date of the invoice. The salary can also be left to be withdrawn later. In theTruster 49 €/month plan, you do not pay a separate service fee for the billing amount. Our light entrepreneur's payroll calculator will tell you your salary according to theTruster Light service.

Amount to invoice

2 750 €

Tax rate

32 %

Salary faster into an account

Amount to be paid into your account

1 987,50 €

The service charge to be deducted from the invoicing amount depends on the plan. In the Truster Light package it is 3.99%. The amount is affected by the accident insurance contribution and travel allowances. The instant pay supplement is +5%. In the Truster and Truster Pro packages there is no service fee or separate accident insurance premium. Payroll calculator counts according to the Truster Light package. Check out our other calculators as well.

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Is it true that the service fee can be fixed at 49 €/month?

Yes! Truster 49 €/month includes everything you need to send an invoice and withdraw your salary. Often you pay at least 4-9% for this same service. There are no hidden expenses in the monthly fee and you can end it at any time.

49 € / month
Easy choice suitable for all light entrepreneurs
You'll get more out of your salary. No service charge based on billing amount!
Always affordable light entrepreneurship
No other expenses
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0% service fee • No commitment
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