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Hey, light entrepreneur!

Campaign terms and conditions

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Last updated: 9.8.2022



Sponsor of the campaign: Truster Limited liability company

Business ID: 1772129-3

Address: Annanaukio 1, 00101 Helsinki


Once you have redeemed the promo code and invoiced at least €1,000,00, we will pay you €49.


By commenting on an Instagram post what you'd like to see Truster post, you'll be entered into a raffle where you can win the first month Truster 49 €/month package free!

The winner of the raffle will be contacted 14 days after the publication date.

Calculate the wages of a light entrepreneur with a wage calculator

We will pay your salary after your customer's payment has arrived or on the payday of your choice. You can also select Instant Pay, in which case you will receive the salary to your account on the same day without waiting for the due date of the invoice. The salary can also be left to be withdrawn later. In theTruster 49 €/month plan, you do not pay a separate service fee for the billing amount. Our light entrepreneur's payroll calculator will tell you your salary according to theTruster Light service.

Amount to invoice

2 750 €

Tax rate

32 %

Salary faster into an account

Amount to be paid into your account

1 987,50 €

The service charge to be deducted from the invoicing amount depends on the plan. In the Truster Light package it is 3.99%. The amount is affected by the accident insurance contribution and travel allowances. The instant pay supplement is +5%. In the Truster and Truster Pro packages there is no service fee or separate accident insurance premium. Payroll calculator counts according to the Truster Light package. Check out our other calculators as well.

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